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Indy Eleven Videographer

Sporting Events Worth Highlighting

Adding Video to Sporting Events

Are you looking to have a sporting event or workout filmed for you team or company? If so, look no further. Over the past 5 years I have been filming a variety of projects within the athletics umbrella. I have worked on projects all the way from the Indiana Pacers, to up-and-coming local gyms. My goal when filming these types of videos, is for the viewer to feel emersed in the hard work, effort and passion that goes into each game, workout or event. Check out some of the examples I have done below to see what we could potentially create for you.

Workout Videographer

Indy Eleven

"Kevin was instrumental in bringing some of our initial, creative ideas to LIFE - to make storytelling a more integral part of our content planning. Having his skill set as a part of our staff (even as an intern) showed just how much more we can do with this space, and how much talent he possesses. Kevin did an excellent job of capturing the essence of who we are as a club, as we felt the energy through his lens, and then he refocused it out into the world with his final editing and vision for his projects. We still consider him part of our greater marketing family, and would suggest you pause, watch his reels and feel the emotions he can create when you allow him the creative space."

- Former Vice President of Marketing & Strategy: Josh Mason

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Trainer Videographer
Soccer Video

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