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Indy Eleven

Kevin was instrumental in bringing some of our initial, creative ideas to LIFE - to make storytelling a more integral part of our content planning. Having his skill set as a part of our staff (even as an intern) showed just how much more we can do with this space, and how much talent he possesses. Kevin did an excellent job of capturing the essence of who we are as a club, as we felt the energy through his lens, and then he refocused it out into the world with his final editing and vision for his projects. We still consider him part of our greater marketing family, and would suggest you pause, watch his reels and feel the emotions he can create when you allow him the creative space.

 - Josh Mason: Vice President, Marketing & Strategy

Indy Eleven  Game Highlight

Indy Eleven Game Highlight


Muelensteen Method Camp

The Muelensteen Method Camp was looking for a video that they could use to help advertise future events. They wanted a fun upbeat video that shared coaches, parents, and players giving quick testimony soundbites. For this project we worked alongside Indiana Soccer who was in charge of capturing the interviews.